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Product Care

Product Care

Each piece of lua lua jewelry is hand-crafted and therefore delicate. Please use appropriate care to enjoy our jewellery for a long time.
After each use, gently wipe with a soft cloth and store in a jewellery box.

Acrylic is a reasonably hard and stable plastic so therefore it does not scratch or damage easily. It is important to look after the jewellery carefully. Gently wash these acrylic pieces with a mild detergent in warm water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Please avoid contact with perfume as the spirit base of the perfume may damage the surface of the acrylic or fade the surface colour.

Never stick adhesive labels directly onto the acrylic surface as this will also cause damage to the surface. The silver can be cleaned in the normal way with an impregnated silver cleaning cloth or, if the tarnishing is severe, with 'silver dip' making sure that the solution is completely rinsed off afterwards.

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